UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited (UTIITSL)
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IT Competencies

Execution of e-Governance projects require a strong infrastructure base, top-notch technical skills and a good grasp of the business processes involved. UTIITSL has implemented complex and critical e-Governance projects that make it the best IT partner for e-enabling Business Processes.

UTIITSL, erstwhile UTITSL, provides a multi-layered service structure

UTIITSL, erstwhile UTITSL, has many years of experience in the Government sector and exposure to big Government projects. Our wide range of offerings in Consultancy Services, Managed IT Services, Software Development & Implementation etc., put us in an enviable position to provide complete turnkey solutions to Government Departments as a Complete Technology Partner, starting from project conceptualization to a successful rollout. We have done IT consultancy for a lot of high-profile project. More details can be found here...

To Implement the projected returns to a business process, IT initiatives need to be in synergy with an organization's strategic objectives. UTIITSL's Information Consulting Services help clients assess different technology strategies so that organizations are able to align their technology initiatives with their business strategy. UTIITSL services include Business Software Analysis, Prototype Development, Database Requirement Analysis, Server Architecting, and Business Process Re-engineering.

UTIITSL services include Business Software Analysis, Prototype Development, Database Requirement Analysis, Server Architecting, Business Process Re-engineering, Initiating DPR, RFP, BPR, Bid Management, Vendor Management, Project Monitoring, Closure, etc.

UTIITSL has software development expertise in the following areas :
» Programming Languages and framework
Java, J2ee, Struts 1.x, Struts 2.0 Hibernate/JPA, SpringMVC, Spring Boot, XML, HTML, CSS, JSON, JSP, Servlets, Bootstarp Thyme leaf for UI, Dot Net, Oracle Designer 2000, Oracle Developer 2000, Visual Studio 6.0.
» Web Server / App server
Tomcat, Weblogic,JBOSS EAP 7.x, Oracle Application server
» Databases
Oracle 11G, MySQL, PostgreSQL
» Web Services
REST API web services.
» Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure.
» Security and Authentication
LDAP, AES256 encryption
» Caching Technique (Used for accessing frequent data)
Hibernate-2nd Level, Spring redis cache.
» CMS Web Portals
Liferay 7.x
» AI and Machine Learning
Implemented fuzzy logic technique.
» Data Analytics
R, Python and Tableau
» Mobile Platform and Language
AndriodMarshmellow, Java, Kotlin, Android Studio 4.2., iOS
» Middleware & Portal
Application Server such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty or Nginx
» Data Integration, BI and Analytics

Our highly-skilled software professionals will be able to convert or migrate the existing database to an upgraded version or rebuild an existing legacy application to provide value added services by harnessing the latest technologies. We are experts in bringing back-end legacy data to the web, thus providing easy access and manageability.

UTIITSL provides:
» Enterprise Network Services
» Design and architect enterprise Local / Wide Area Networks
» Enterprise Network Security

Through our NET Care Services, we offer Enterprise Network Management Services, Capacity Planning and Network Equipment / Hardware Sizing and System and Network Integration.

UTI Infrastucture Technology And Services Ltd. helps build custom-made corporate data centers of international standards. A team of experts will provide complete end-to-end data center solutions. We also review the data center's security, availability, efficiency, and control aspects.

Our disaster recovery management services include :
» A detailed study of the IT processes used
» Classification of the processes
» Vulnerability Study and Risk Identification
» Process-wise Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives
» Implementation and Drill Tests
» Documentation of procedures to maintain the Disaster Recovery Set-up Maintenance.

365-day operations have become the norm for global businesses today. The set-up, management and maintenance of IT infrastructure are the emerging new challenges for such businesses that require zero downtime for their IT infrastructure implementations. UTIITSL has a vast experience in managing 24/7 IT Infrastructure. It enforces industry best-practices to ensure zero-downtime.

UTI Infrastructure Technology Services Ltd. offers comprehensive database management service for Oracle and SQL databases. The management process involves proactive database monitoring for trends and errors, performance management and periodic health checks.