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Mutual Fund Services

UTI AMC awards Certificate of Appreciation to UTIITSL for its Excellence in UTI MF business in FY2020-21.   Awards & Appreaciations

Mutual Funds

Intermediaries play a pivotal and valuable role in promoting sale of Mutual Funds by facilitating buying and selling of units of Mutual Funds by investors. One may invest in Mutual Funds with the help of a financial intermediary i.e., a Mutual Fund distributor/agent in a Regular Plan. UTIITSL is presently an active Mutual Fund Distributor empanelled with various Mutual Fund houses. New and inexperienced investors need assistance in investing, and may be better off by seeking help of a Mutual Fund Distributor to invest in Regular Plan.

Emergence of UTIITSL as a Mutual Fund Distributor:

The erstwhile UTI Investor Services Ltd. (UTIISL), which was registered with AMFI upto 1st April 2008, became the distributor of the then UTI for selling their products since 2001.

UTIITSL in its capacity as a AMFI-registered Mutual Fund Distributor (ARN-4483) provides following services to the existing client/ prospective
clients :-
I. Execution only. We perform front office work of receiving applications from the investors and after verification, these are forwarded to the respective R&T Agents or concerned Mutual Fund houses.
II. Assist in resolving the service requests with Registrars of Mutual Fund houses.

AMFI Certificate
UTI AMC awards Certificate

Investor interested in investing in any of the Mutual Funds schemes can approach us through (link) or contact any of our branches. Forms of fund houses can also be downloaded from here..

Disclaimer: Some facts included in this page are pure extracts from respective Mutual Fund website. Viewer is requested to visit these Mutual Fund sites for more information or any other details.

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Source: Official website of respective Mutual Fund house.